Grand Masters

Gaggenau is a luxury kitchen appliance maker that has been crafting metalwork since 1683. In 2019 they remodelled their combi-steam oven, a specialised instrument, distinctively designed, hand crafted from exceptional materials and waiting to be mastered by the ambitious private chef.

Our idea merged 3 masters: still lifes by the Dutch masters (who also originated in the 17th century), chefs who achieve culinary mastery and the master that brings it all together – the combi-steam oven. The ‘Grand Masters’ campaign was born, with small galleries around the world being sought out to exhibit commissioned still lifes alongside the ovens, presenting art and product with equal reverence. This was a first: the product being displayed outside of the showroom.


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We created a 90 sec film (and shorter versions) merging the artist applying their skills with the chef and their mastery melded with hints of product itself, finally revealed in an art gallery space rather than the kitchen. Print and digital ads also placed the oven as the modern master within the traditions of an art gallery setting, this then inspired the web page content.

We aligned the Gaggenau Magazine editorial, interviewing 3 Michelin star Marc Haeberlin as the master of steam, as he was part of the original development team (in 1999) that introduced the first combi-steam oven into the home. To complement the ad and amplify the concept, a series of ‘still life’ compositions (for the film), were created for a social media takeover.

This ‘still life’ idea was also initiated to inspire countries to commission their own ‘still life’ concepts by partner chefs/artists. Hence generating a global gallery of chefs/artists and their own interpretation of food inspired by steam. These can then be leveraged by local showrooms to draw interest, entice visitors and create a true brand experience. The Grand Masters concept additionally opened up gallery spaces to become exhibitors of local commissioned ‘still life’ works displayed amongst the ovens. The images above show the Gaggenau London launch event at NoHo Studios. (Images courtesy of Gaggenau London)

This has opened up the exposure of the Gaggenau brand to a wider audience outside of those in the kitchen-buying cycle. This is a concept that can scale up from a social post all the way to filling the Saatchi gallery with commissioned ‘still lifes’, exhibited alongside Gaggenau’s kitchen products. This is an organic theme with longevity and reach that has taken on a life of its own, as territories continue to take up the revolutionary concept and the campaign continues to build momentum.

Shortlisted as a finalist in the Drum Design Awards 2020 and shortlisted nominee for Creativepool Annual 2020.