Work Experience – Day Two

Posted by Sammy

Tuesday 3 July 2018


Today I was back in the Lime office. Lime has a very friendly and relaxed environment however it’s clear that the people here do care about their work.

After the dreaded 2 hour commute to Borough, I was immediately set off with tasks to complete. Firstly, I carried on finding images for the UBS housing for students. This included finding a variety of images to portray the idea and lifestyle of being a student in the relevant cities. Surprisingly, I liked this task, as it was interesting to pick out a wide range of imagery to later be put together to create a bigger idea of student living.

My next task was to start gathering ideas for a summer themed email signature. I started off by just getting inspiration from the old email signatures, then looking through different image sites to gain some more ideas and layers for potential designs. With the illustrations I had collected, I started to play around with Photoshop and get a better feel for the way the programme works. I had used Photoshop a few times before but I had never been exposed to the full design aspect with intricate details.

I started off by just layering the different colours and backgrounds to get a better idea of the designs I wanted to try. After quite a few times I managed to get a few designs created and then spent some time trying to add smaller details to make them look a bit better and less animated. I decided to make quite a few as my ideas were not perfected and I would have preferred to have different ideas to chose from and work on further rather than having one perfected idea. However it can be developed tomorrow.


Sammy Sargeaunt, aged 15.