Work Experience – Day Three

Posted by Sammy


Wednesday 4 July 2018

Firstly, I was kindly taken along to a meeting at the Gaggenau showroom to discuss advertising and future ideas. It was interesting to listen in and observe the discussion with Lime’s clients. The meeting was about an hour long and although it didn’t seem very long, they managed to talk about the relevant topics and come to a conclusion of the meeting.

After then having lunch, we came back to the Lime office. I was then set some tasks to do with the artist Pierre Peyrolle. I found this extremely interesting as the artist’s work has lots of deeper meanings and symbolism involved and it was fascinating to research an artist I had never heard of and look deeper into his work. Peyrolle has relevancy to Lime as before he became an artist, he had an early career as an advertising illustrator. After researching the artist in depth I was asked to write a brief post on his work and his intentions.

After writing this, my second task was to look at the Lime Instagram account and research other creative brands and look at how they post and the captions along with it. I found a few examples of the way other communication agencies advertise themselves and how it makes their account gain more interactivity and followers to lead to future promotions. Finally, I worked a little bit more on the email signatures and finalising it although it is not perfected or finished.


Sammy Sargeaunt, aged 15.