Work Experience – Day One

Posted by Sammy

Monday, 2 July 2018

I started work experience with a painful 6AM start. As my mum works in London, we both travelled up on the train and then to Lime where I was greeted with many warm welcomes. I have been to London quite a few times and always enjoyed visiting, however it is a massive contrast compared to my normal scene of the quiet Cotswold district.


IMG_0650BOURTONThe first thing I wanted to do was read through all the blogs on the Lime website to obtain a better understanding of the companie’s style and ideas. I researched Gaggenau, Absolute Interior Decor and Abercrombie and Kent. I think these websites are set up very well and I am intrigued by the aspects of their design and layout.

Today I started of the week by briefly going into Borough Market and just generally having a look around the area and viewing the culture. Seeing as I had never been here before, it was interesting to have a look around for the first time. I was then introduced to Lime’s new client ‘UBS’ and looking into the portfolio for the student housing communications. I did research and found images on different landmarks, lifestyle and student living in Belfast. This is an ongoing project and will be continued over the week as its only day one.

Sammy Sargeaunt, aged 15.