Work Experience – Day Four

Posted by Sammy

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Thursday 5 July 2018

It is nearing the end of the week and I have greatly enjoyed the work experience here at Lime, thank you for having me!! The first thing I was set to do was to research and put together a press list for universal student living. This included finding UK based publications for students including magazines, blogs and websites. Next, I researched publications for international students and looked on “the student room” to get a better understanding of what the current student generation’s questions are and what they need advice on.

Carrying on with the Photoshop ideas, I was set the task of helping to create promotional pictures for a new gardening app. This involved editing in and smoothing off an image for a new addition for the app. I also managed to finish off the signature (with Simon’s help mainly) and get the animation working.

Finally, I finished off by spending lots of time researching and reading different articles on how creatives are changing the advertising industry. I wrote a brief article on the way technology and photographs has invited new advertising ideas and improvements. I found an amazing website called ‘visual country’ that creates short video clips for major brands such as Ralph Lauren, Mac and Malibu Rum. I found this website extremely interesting as the layout is very organised with nice complementing colours to make it very aesthetically pleasing (image attached)

The last thing I did was research and found images for the sculptor artist Aron Demetz. I found his work really intriguing as his sculptures are damaged and often burnt. He did this to highlight the vulnerability mankind is now exposed to and revealing how fragile the human race is.


Sammy Sargeaunt, aged 15.