When I grow up…

Posted by Nick


We asked everyone if you weren’t doing your current profession what would you be doing? This seems to have ended up as a full on life story for everyone but never mind! Read the answers below.

“With green fingered parents I was in wellies whilst still in diapers, falling in manure piles and planting herbaceous borders with my baby trowel. Progressing from nappies to pants, when I wasn’t knee high in mud I was drawing, ceaselessly illustrating Elvis and Marilyn portraits, painting troupe l’oeils, entering art competitions and fanatical about black and white movies. So I wanted to be either an artist, perform on the stage or become an horticulturist, with the belief I could perhaps combine all three!

Luckily, at 14, my hairy eared art teacher took me under his wing and showed me around a graphic design exhibition, and a light bulb moment made me realise I didn’t have to choose 3 professions, I could be happy with just the one. But aside from a childhood infatuated with painting every contour of Elvis which lead me to realising my dream job, I would choose a life permanently caked in mud or Farrow and Ball, landscaping outdoor and designing indoor spaces, but hopefully being paid for it this time around.”

“I was supposed to be a wheat and sheep farmer, in fact, at one point I owned 1000 acres, but ended up becoming a designer, so I could always go back to driving a tractor if need be. Whilst I may miss the wide open spaces from time to time, I love what we do at Lime and wouldn’t change it for anything. If I were to chuck it all in now, I would like to be a snowboard instructor in the winter months, run a music shop in the summer and moonlight as a musician.”

“My childhood dream was to be an ice cream woman; to own a van and bring ice-cool joy to the lives of millions. As my age turned to double digits and my dream slowly melted away; I soon discovered I was quite good at colouring between the lines and my forte then became art and design. I briefly flirted with the idea of interior design before being converted to Graphic Design during my Art and Design Foundation year. I’ve since gained my degree and have been practicing in the industry ever since. As sickening as it is, I honestly wouldn’t want to do anything else (except maybe introduce weekly 99’s to the Lime office).”

“Like many aspiring teenagers I wanted to conquer Hollywood and be whisked off to the land of make-believe, paparazzi and loss of any chance of a normal life. Alas, when I did my school compulsory work experience at a bank [couldn’t have been further removed from the dream] I was stunned by how bad their window display was that I wanted to become a store window dresser.  Somehow I fell into advertising instead and never looked back, until now. Thanks for reminding me that I was never able to achieve any of my dreams.”

“As I boy (like most boys) I was heavily into Dinosaurs and used to impress family and friends with my in-depth knowledge of the ‘terrible lizards’. Fossils, rocks, shell collections would sit alongside Airfix model dinosaurs and an extensive library of Prehistoric Animal books. So my dream was to be an Archaelogist or a Paleontologist. I soon realised that to become an ‘ologist’ was extremely difficult and that drawing Dinosaurs (later moving onto things that haven’t been dead for millions of years) was what I wanted to do.”

“Back in the late 20th Century, my Careers Adviser put my form through the super computer and out came a handful of occupations that I would be well suited to, taking into account my personality and projected academic results. I did not follow the path of Potato-Picker, instead I carried on watching TV and gradually realised that the bits in between the programmes was a “profession”. Were it not for this revelation, I think there would have been a short-lived, ill-advised application to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, followed by a long, ill-advised career as one of the helpline operators of Roger’s Cable in Toronto. (“Press reset, wait ten minutes.”)

As for dream jobs: sitting around thinking up fun or cool things for people to see and do is tough to beat. So if I wasn’t doing this, I’d be trying to, probably whilst wearing a headset in a cubicle in Toronto.”

“After a brief entrepreneurial run at managing my own lemonade stand (age 5), I was convinced, and still am to a lesser degree, that I was destined to be the starting Center Fielder for the New York Yankees. While waiting for the call from the big leagues, I doodled a lot and felt like maybe there was something there. Thus, with the added incentive of evading future mathematics classes, I pursued a degree in visual arts.
If I decided to let go dreams of professional athletics and lemons, I would love to be a successful musician or travel photographer documenting all around the world. ”

“As a child, I wanted to live in England so I could work at the Ministry of Magic with my best mate, Harry Potter. One day I woke up and I discovered I could transform lines of text into images!!! So I became a web developer, moved to London and married a good looking version of Harry Potter.”

“I started off playing video games from a very young age on things such as the BBC micro, Sega mega drive and early pc games. So my childhood dream was wanting to be a 3D modeller however without enough design skills this dream slowly fell away… I then fell into coding through creating admin bots for IRC and coding menus and binds for counter strike 1.3/1.5/1.6. This eventually lead to building some websites for gaming Clans back when it was all about slicing up PSD’s. I eventually realised this was something I was good at and could be my profession so that’s all I’ve done since!

If I wasn’t a web developer I would probably have been an engineer or working with some sort of metal fabrication… A dream job would be something like an American hot rod shop! Current colleagues seem to think a lawyer would have been a good profession due to my ability to get my point across. Family members have said I could have been a Doctor with my love for learning about all things medical.”

“I never really knew what I wanted to do so have tried everything that has come along and seemed like a good idea. My own restaurant, gardening, organising boatshows, doing a harvest & getting my wine exams, sourcing technical kit for sailing teams, running a campsite. The list is endless. A wandering nomad.

If I wasn’t doing what I do now, I’d be off for a stint in the Exotic Marigold Hotel in India. Nicking Judi Dench’s place and getting into that call centre to help beef up their telesales skills.”