The bane of your life, or pride of your existence?

Posted by Ellie


It’s a skill that everyone has. We spend the majority of our lives doing it, there are people that spend their lives dedicated to the study of it, and when analysed, it has the capability to describe your personality traits and state of mind. Any ideas…? No? It’s your handwriting…obviously.

Handwriting has been a subject that’s interested me for some time, for example, what makes a ‘doctors handwriting’ look like a ‘doctors handwriting’? If someone has neat handwriting, does that mean they’re creative? Or if it’s untidy do they spend too long using a computer?

The study of handwriting – or Graphology if you will – has been a controversial subject that has interested Graphologists (and regular Joe’s) for many years. Allegedly, not only can your handwriting determine your personality and behavioral traits, some believe it can also help diagnose medical conditions such as Schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease. All this from a few ink scrawls!

In my experience I’ve found that handwriting is generally either the bane or pride of someone’s existence. When asking the Lime team to write down a short sentence to support this entry, there were a couple of grimaces whilst others relished the opportunity.

It’s been suggested that when we first start learning how to write as children we all share the same method and all handwriting tends to look very similar. As we grow older we’re influenced by the handwriting around us and develop our own characteristics and style. Whilst some individuals can share the same characteristics; for example a particular way of writing the letter ‘a’, or the space/height/slant of each, it is near impossible for two individuals to share all of the same characteristics. Therefore, it is impossible for two people to share exactly the same handwriting resulting in handwriting being as unique to you as the fingerprint on your finger.

In research for this article I learnt a few thinks to look out for which supposedly give pointers as to your subjects’ personality traits. Apparently, if your handwriting features large letters with narrow spacing in between words, it could be seen as meaning that you’re outgoing, out-spoken with bags of confidence, however, the narrow spacing refers to your social state of mind; you can’t stand to be alone, you tend to crowd people and can be seen as intrusive! Where you cross your t’s are also important, if you cross at the very top you’re supposedly ambitious, optimistic and have good self-esteem. In contrast, if you do short crosses you can be seen as lazy and show lack of determination. Oh dear! For some more pointers on characteristics click here.

When looked at in its plainest form, handwriting is a form of art. It’s an illustrative technique and something that more people should appreciate. It’s a personal thing; it’s unique to you and should be applauded for its quirks, whether good or bad. So next time you’re writing your shopping list don’t take your scrawl for granted, embrace it! And on the flip-side, you never know who’s analysing you.