The 10 best apps for your daily commute

Posted by lime

No-one loves their daily commuter grind into the office, especially when the guy next to you is a little bit smelly and sweaty and far too close. With these little app beauties you can make your journey a whole lot more enjoyable.

Podcasts – listen to your favourite radio show, panel discussion or comedian anytime you want and forget about the journey’s grind. Get busy downloading now.

Kindle – enjoy books all the time even in a tight spot. No need for the Kindle itself, just download this onto your phone and you can read your Amazon Kindle books anytime you like.

Fuel smart – for the best deals in your area to save on the petrol pennies. Drivers in your area log the best deals around so that you can find them too.

Commute greener – measure and reduce your carbon footprint on your trip in to work. You log in a personal CO2 target and the app will help you hit it & do better.

Cycle streets – from cyclists for cyclists. You can plan a pedal route from A to B anywhere in the UK with three routing options every time.

Scrabble – instant entertainment from this classic board game other than for the purists who still can’t deal without the real thing.

Buschecker – don’t get caught out waiting too long. This app tells you how far away Routemaster buses are to minimize your wait. It can’t help with two at a time though!

Yahoo weather – everyone needs a weather app, especially in Blighty and this is one of the best out there. Winner of the Apple Design Awards 2013 to boot.

News 360 – if you’re luck enough to have mobile data or free wifi, this app has great navigation and easy to use technology for the best snippets of the morning.

Evernote – brilliant ideas that pop into your head. Record them safely via web, photo, audio or by saving your favourite web pages. Lightbulb moments are safe forever.