PR Work Experience (Week 1, Part 2)

Posted by lime

Following on from Part 1, here’s how Zoe got on for the rest of her first week at Lime HQ:

Day 3 tasks:

On Thursday, I started my day by researching agent contact details for Dan, and producing a table of information. I was given a list of actors’ names and was asked to find their agency and agent’s name, email and phone number. To do this I used Google to find as much information as I could. For some, it was easy, for others there was information missing, or spread across different websites, which meant that there were some gaps. Once I had found as much information as I could, I shared the document with Dan, which he was happy with.

Day 4 tasks:

For my final day of my first week at Lime, I started producing a website contact list for another one of Lime’s clients, an art gallery. I researched art blogs and journalists that would be interested in potentially promoting an artist, Stephen Anthony Davids. I compiled information for the following headings; publication, journalist, website, what they write about, contact, and phone number.

My next task was to write instructions on how to use Instagram TV and its functions. This included general step-by-step instructions, as well as benefits of using the App, tips, and ways to edit the format of the video to ensure it would fit in Instagram TV’s vertical layout.

My final task was to help Tash with some filing, where I had to organise newspapers and magazines. I enjoyed doing this task at the end of Friday, as I found it therapeutic!

I really enjoyed my first week at Lime Creative, and gained a lot more knowledge and experience than I expected so am extremely happy and grateful. I am really looking forward to my second week at Lime and the work that I will produce. This has helped me visualise myself within this industry in the future. I want to thank everyone at Lime Creative for being so welcoming, especially Tash and Dan for reassuring me and helping me throughout!