PR Work Experience (Week 1, Part 1)

Posted by lime

Zoe Smith, a recent graduate from uni, pops into the Lime offices for some work experience, to further her knowledge within the public relations sector, being especially interested in understanding first-hand what it is like at a professional industry standard. Here’s how she got on:

I first had a short phone call conversation with Dan, who heads-up the PR department at Lime Creative, were he asked about my previous experience, university life, and my interests. Dan then asked if I could come into the office for a meeting before I officially started my work experience. I was initially nervous, but after being greeted with a warm welcome from everyone I was quickly put at ease! I also met Tash, PR and Comms Manager, who I would mainly work with during my time at Lime. Tash’s friendly and chatty personality quickly calmed any worries that I had about the work that I would complete and being capable of doing so. Tash had a printed copy of my CV which she went through and also asked about my previous experience, what skills I gained from them, and whether I would be interested in doing similar work during the two weeks. There was a variety of tasks that Tash asked if I wanted to complete, and they all sounded extremely interesting and related to what I would want to do in the future with my career. I left the meeting even more excited to start the two weeks work experience, and eventually my career within PR!

For my first day I was quite nervous before walking into the office, however I was quickly introduced to everyone who greeted me with a big reassuring smile. I was also given a tour of the office to become familiar, as well as being shown my own desktop area where I would be working. First, I was told to look on the Lime Creative website, to become more aware of who Lime are as a company, their objectives, previous work, and clients.

Day 1 tasks:

My first task was to look over Lime’s social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn), and make a note of the positives and negatives of each platform, as well as statistics and other information such as design. I also had to research their competitors and analyse their social media platforms, stating their positives and negatives too. With this information, I had to create a social media platform rebrand proposal in the format of a presentation that I would later show Tash and Dan. I tried to make the presentation as engaging yet informative as I could, with the use of graphics and bullet points notes. I used a combination of what Lime’s platforms already had, with my understanding of what social media platforms should have, which I learnt at university, to determine any improvements.

My first few slides were research about Lime Creative, then an analysis into each individual platform. I mainly focused on statistics, the images chosen, and the language used for each platform. I then did the same for their competitors, as I researched four different PR companies that were based in London. I would do an overview of who the companies were, and what they have achieved, before I discussed their platforms. Afterwards I had a large understanding of each, I would suggest improvements that Lime could apply to their own social channels as well as some improvements to become more visually appealing, engaging more with their audience, and using analytics. I then created slides for each platform, where I discussed more detailed improvements and rebranding proposals.

I left my first day at Lime Creative feeling really positive and excited about the work that I was going to do during the week!

Day 2 tasks:

I used the first half of the day completing my social media rebranding proposal presentation. During this time I completed my suggestions and ensured that my presentation had a consistent and appealing theme that was easy to follow. I also made sure that I covered all of the points that I wanted to. I did find it challenging to determine how much detail to go into, or how many slides to create. I also repeated some points throughout due to similarities that appeared on different platforms, however this sometimes solidified the idea that I was trying to explain.

I also started my second task, which was to research social media influencers, based in New York, who predominantly showed interest in food or lifestyle. I created a presentation of each influencer, including statistics such as follower numbers, their image, a screenshot of their Instagram feed, and a selection of their best feed images. I really enjoyed this task as I liked researching different profiles, viewing different styles and inspiration, and determining if they were suitable.

I finally presented my Lime social media rebrand presentation. I was a bit nervous about this as I was not sure if what I had produced was what they wanted, or was at a professional standard. However, once I started explaining my findings and ideas, I received positive feedback throughout, which grew my confidence both with the work I had done. and personally. I was told that I had given Dan and Tash a lot of ideas to think about and that they were really happy with my presentation.

It was after this day that I felt even more comfortable within Lime and wanted to make more work that Tash and Dan would be happy with.

More to follow…