Love it or hate it? You’ll definitely remember it.

Posted by Becky

Now those words can only mean one thing to a wholly British audience. Marmite

The controversial yet quintessential British breakfast spread (as well as soup addition, stock base, plus excellent companion to chocolate cake – I swear on the last one, try it) has now officially been classed as a national treasure. Not a brand accolade that is easy to come by.

Marmite has used its love it or hate it slogan beautifully, it’s both frank and quirky and bang on brand values. People are even using the expression “it’s a little bit marmite” in everyday conversation to express a definitive like or dislike for something. What a great place for a brand to be.

Selfridges have just run an exclusive jar without any words on it, simply in the iconic marmite colours for their “No Noise” in-store campaign that featured famous brands that could be recognized simply from their packaging and no words allowed. Marmite was an unsurprisingly effective inclusion.

marmite without words

As well as this, special edition jars have also appeared with everything from Ma’amite for the Jubilee celebrations and to I Love You marmite with champagne added for Valentine’s Day. All with a huge positive customer response and some great PR coverage.

Then there was the controversial Guardian advert after the death of Margaret Thatcher and a completely split camp on whether you loved or hated her. It used a jar that replaced Marmite with the word “Margaret” and a snapshot of her face and hairdo. Priceless.


However having a strapline this successful isn’t without its challenges. You have to keep up the clever ideas and innovation, all the time. The trick for longevity is to keep the focus on the product and not on the chat around it.

Marmite’s most recent campaign “Neglect” was shot as a documentary spoof that saw long forgotten marmite jars being rescued from the back of cupboards much as a pet rescue would take place. You can love it or hate it, just don’t forget about it was the message. (the average jar of marmite is left untouched for 3 months at a time). It caused controversy and 500 complaints to the ASA but kept people talking.

All credit to the agency, the design company and the brave client. People keep on talking and therefore buying. Keep up the good work we say. We love the stuff!