Lime, down with the kids

Posted by AB

Last week we had young George Craig join us at Lime HQ, on a week’s school work experience placement. George is a keen skateboarder so we decided to give him a brief prior to his start with us, to look at developing a brand and marketing idea around his passion.

On his first day we sat down and discussed his idea, brainstormed some brand names and positioning lines and then sent him off to desk research the market. With a good knowledge of what was available, George’s business idea was to create a brand and website that allowed boarders to customise their own skateboard from scratch. The company was named ‘skateify’.

The background to the brand name was developed around ‘ify’ of various associated words such as modify, identify, which we bolted onto ‘skate’ – skateify becoming the verb and a phrase that he wanted to encourage users to use in general conversation, such as “I want to skateify my board”.

Supporting the brand story, George worked with our ‘words man’ to create phrases and terminology that would support the brand, and appear throughout the website. These phrases (build. modify. ride), together with a support strapline “Make your skateboard, yours” formed the foundation of George’s business model.

George then looked at producing a website site map that planned out the user journey, based on a ‘menu’ structure to build their personalised skateboard. Users could ‘skateify’ their board and parts from a ‘starters’ section that offered a range of products from major brand manufactures. Then they could customise board design and colours in the ‘main course’ area and then personalise other gear such as t-shirts, sunglasses, shoes etc within the ‘dessert’ section.

A busy week for George, but he still managed to hit the local park for some skate practice during his lunch break. And from his parents account, he thoroughly enjoyed the experience despite an exhausting commute. His enthusiasm and ambition has resulted in him wanting to return during his summer holidays.