Lean in ladies

Posted by Becky

In recent years there has been a marked shift towards using marketing and promotion imagery that represents women in positive and empowered situations (rather than simply as beautiful babes).

Today we’re leaning increasingly towards real life poses that capture honest situations and emotions in photos of women and yet still convey their effective and hopefully powerful message to the intended audience.

In line with this thinking, Getty Images has launched a brand new partnership with a non-profit organisation called LeanIn.org. It was founded by Sheryl Sandberg, COO at Facebook and author of Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead.

What’s behind it do we think? Well there’s been all of this….

• Increased media coverage on the use of positive female imagery
• Huge online debate around the same subject
• Women as the ever increasing primary users of social media (especially on image rich platforms)
• Females using this imagery to improve their visibility and celebrate self-image

Apparently in 2007, Getty’s top selling stock shot was a naked female model lying on a beauty treatment table covered by sheets. Last year, the most popular image was a freckled lady, fully dressed looking wistfully out the window of a train. It’s all change.

lean in ladies

The idea behind LeanIn is to encourage more corporations and media agencies to use the positive female imagery available and encourage it further. Getty’s current top search terms in the image bank are “women” and “business” and so they know the demand is out there.

Happily they’ll be giving a portion of the LeanIn profits to two photography grants for original work focusing on women, girls and their communities. When only 3% of creative directors are female, boards need more women, pay gaps still exist on the corporate ladder and we’re fighting for a picture of a woman on a bank note; there’s some way to go.

Maybe this will do its bit to help.