John Lewis Christmas advert reactions

Posted by Ellie

With the latest offering from this years release of the John Lewis Christmas ad, what do some of our team think? (No prizes for guessing the views of the web dev)john-lewis-man-moon

AB: I like the man on the moon angle…I didn’t know he lived alone, that was a rather sad thought. Clearly penguins are so last year! Another tear jerker performance JL.

Ellie: Having gone in to collaboration with Age UK for this years campaign I think it’s an excellent way to convey awareness of some elderly being alone at Christmas time (it was the old mans lone tear that got me). It’s an emotional and evocative subject that is sure to tug at a few heart strings and deliver the desired effect. An overall good ad with perfect cinematic value… but I still miss Monty The Penguin.

Nick: Boring.

Abi: It’s not quite as good as their previous ads.

Phil: There is a certain predictability and inevitability with the JL Christmas TVC. They set out to make us cry and we do our best to not cry. In this battle they seem to be doing pretty well so far. The impressive thing is that each year it must get harder and harder to exceed the expectations set by the previous year, but the agency that produces it somehow delivers. The formula is pretty transparent and we all know what’s coming, but the combination of story, production values and music still manage to elicit an emotional response. I suppose as a nation of Christmas fanatics they are leaning on an open door, as we are all willing to become immersed in the season of good will.

Erika: I’m new to the John Lewis Christmas advert phenomenon, so I had no idea what to expect. What a tear-jerker! Even my inner cynic was touched.

Steve: I was sold until I saw the balloons in orbit… they definitely can’t make it to outer space.

Jason: Make Britain cry. That’s become the brief for John Lewis and as the self appointed Guardians of Christmas I think they’re allowed to play with our emotions in this way. No-one watches a John Lewis ad hoping to see what John Lewis’s latest kettle looks like. We watch to see how they are going to overcome our jaded opinion and make it acceptable for us to get excited about Christmas. They are not alone in trying to achieve this, but they have brand loyalty, they are still the one to watch and the one to beat and we all talk about it. When it’s released we all go online to watch it. I can’t think of another ad that such a wide variety of people are that eager to see. I’m sure there’s a marketing term for that (demographic traction and engagement?) but we’re talking about emotion so let’s leave jargon out of it.
On the down side, I struggled to think of a single Christmas present I would get from John Lewis.

Alex: All I have to say is that I took a course in Cosmology and I can confirm that there is no John Lewis on the Moon.

Simon: High quality – obviously shed loads of cash spent on it! The usual heart strings angle to sell their products – I must be getting old (like the man on the moon!). It’s good that some of their profit will go to Age UK (unfortunately only 3 distinct products will generate this revenue). Good choice of soundtrack (as usual) a cover of an Oasis track ‘Half the World Away’ (the original was used for the Royal Family TV series!) In summary, nice idea (about inclusiveness) slightly depressing and the Poke spoof is a lot better! (I preferred last years ad.) *Editor’s note: Overuse of parentheses not advised.