Carving out a brand story

Posted by Julie


With so many typefaces available how do you pick the one that best represents you? The one that conveys your brand values and ethos? Well if you are ethical clothing company Howies, you don’t just pick one, you create one yourself. Designed and then carved from a windfallen welsh chestnut tree, Castan (which actually means Chestnut), was created to demonstrate the company’s belief in individuality. Or as they put it – ‘different is good’.


The bespoke headline font took 162 hours to create, combining traditional craftsmanship with 21st century technology. Each letter was painstakingly carved onto a piece of the trunk, sanded, burned, inked, screen printed and then digitised to produce the final alphabet. The textures and imperfections can clearly be seen in the finished font. Take a look at creator Carter Wong Design’s short video to see just how much work went into creating Castan.

Creating a personality for your brand is key to it’s success. If you want to build a loyal band of followers that buy into and champion your brand, you have to present them with a compelling story. And that is exactly what Howies have managed to achieve with their brand. For a small clothing company based in West Wales that believes in making a quality product that is better for the environment, their story is key. From the quirky sketches of the team on their website, to the tone of voice in their emails, everything Howies produces helps to build on this brand story. This is a great example of a brand that truly lives it’s own story and that’s one of the reasons it has such a fiercely loyal group of followers that aspires and buys into this.