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Posted by Erika

PSA: This week our blog will be taken over by the lovely Nina, who is hanging out at Lime gaining some work experience. 



Day 1-

Today I researched possible themes and topics to cover in the company calendar. (which was hard due to the need to be a flexible subject and easy to find inspiration for) I wanted something that could allow the use of mixed media instead of a more constrictive demand, this way, creativity could be expressed in many more ways. Finally we chose a colourology theme – each month could be varied in interpretation!

Some other themes considered: (cosmic – space theme, interactive theme, birth flowers, mythical creatures, famous artists/creators)

I decided to do the month February (because it’s my birthday during that month and so it’s obviously a very important time.)The colour for February is purple/violet. I decided that I would make a drawing that used mostly purple in the colour scheme, and would also be themed in a manner that fit the description and meaning of the colour purple/violet.


image 4









After juggling possible subjects to draw, I resolved to do a cityscape in an illustrative style with fantastical buildings and elements. Some of my research;

image 2image 6









Day 2 –

Today I brought in my laptop and graphics tablet to start creating! Using various references of skyscrapers and buildings, I sketched a drawing the size of the calendar page I needed to use as a template. I used black biro and various coloured pens to try and establish where my buildings would be and how the drawing would be constructed.

 The drawing was scanned, and after finding a few colours I wanted to work with, I began to draw over my base, editing out the bits I didn’t like about my initial drawing.

image 7

image 5

Almost all foreground buildings finished! These have the most detail in terms of use of multiple colours and design, so were very picky to do. I want the lines to be as clean as possible, so in order to get some good detail in my picture, I changed the canvas size to allow me to zoom in even more. By the end of the day all foreground buildings coloured and defined (any more teeny details will be added by the end of the piece!)

Day 3 –

Today I started on the background. I wanted a nice gradient for an evening sky, so I first drew lines of gradually lightening purple and yellow. Using the ‘Water’ tool, I blended all colours together to give the sky a soft effect!

imageimage 2

image 3image 4

One hour 10 mins later ^  – More detail  was added and more buildings to fill in the big gaps in the foreground. The backdrop was  hidden in order to see the buildings more clearly.

image 5image 7


I used an Airbrush to touch up and add glowing effects for more softness and eye catchiness.

After finishing drawing using my program (Paint Tool Sai) , I transferred the file onto InDesign in order to edit it into a template of the calendar, Having never used the software before, I was initially very  worried (the layout was quite daunting!) but luckily everyone helped me if I had any problems, so I gradually got a handle of the basics and altered settings to preference!

Tomorrow I will be designing and sketching out a design for the website map (to replace the Google one currently used)  I’m extremely excited to get to work on it and can’t wait to research the area more and see what I can do to make the map quirky and attractive!

day 3

Day 4 –

Today I started to work on the map for Lime Creative’s website. I began by finding a map of the area and then tracing the road shapes onto a canvas. Once this was done, I singled out which attractions/ notable features of the area I would like to include in the map. Then I began to draw them!

imageimage 4

References were used for each drawing in order to make it as accurate as possible, and to make the map more detailed. I decided to change the size of the illustrations and opt for larger roads with more readable names as the idea was for it to be a fully functioning map and not a drawing! I felt that there were a few issues still (namely the wonky Charles Dickens), so I touched things up and moved things about a bit more…

image 9image 10

The final result! Tomorrow I’ll finish touching up, and then I’ll run it through Abi to see if she likes it!

image 11

Day 5-

Today is my last day! 🙁

I tried experimenting with different ways to make the roads clearer to read. I coloured the roads light green and then bolded them with a darker shade. After a moment of consideration, I deleted the outlines from the map. The bold lines were too distracting, but the coloured roads had a nice effect. The next issue to address was the colour of the ‘Lime Creative’ annotation. It now was too similar to the colour of the roads and didn’t stand out!

imageimage 2

I experimented with circling the name in a different colour to make it look like a pen had written on the map directly, but there wasn’t a colour that stood out enough that make sense. Red was the only one that looked eye catching enough… but it was much too Christmassy.

image 3image 4

Ellie suggested another of the company colours – the hot pink that is featured frequently on the website. Using this idea, I swapped out the writing colour from green to pink. This was much more noticeable! After showing the map to Abi she suggested including the bridge, and making the public transport drawings more accurate so that it would be easier for Clients to see where to come and go from. However, I couldn’t properly fit the writing around the tube icon, so I decided to separate the two, making the logo smaller and putting the writing next to it.

The final result!

image 5




I brought in some Victoria Sponge Cake to thank everyone at Lime for being so lovely, (and to finish the day with a bang!)

another hea d
Thank you for having me Lime Creative!! It’s been an amazing experience 😀