10 of the best obscure hobbies

Posted by Becky

So, any normal person might enjoy running, cooking Italian food, collecting fine wine or be a regular at jazz concerts.

Not for these crazy cats. If you can’t think of anything to do this weekend, here are some really odd pastimes to take up instead….

In other words, fishing with your hands. Involves feeling around in snake-infested water searching for a large hole and then shoving your hand into the open mouth of a catfish. Gross!

Tea bag covers
Honestly, it’s true. Collecting all types of tea bags complete tin their own little sachet covers. You’ll have to go some to rival the collection of a nutty man in Belgium who boats over 12,000 different ones. Hmmnnn

Some people are amazing at imitating animal calls and incredibly there is such a thing as competitive mooing. The competitions take place in rural locations noted for their dairy, like Wisconsin, and wherever British people keep cows. Yes, it’s bonkers, but luckily, we live in an era of the Internet, where nothing is so crazy that it cannot be filmed and put on youtube

Beetle fighting
A regular Thai favourite. Trainers use a tool called a mai pun to control their beetles during the battle.


The hobby that is classified as “the passion & enjoyment of cemeteries”. (not to be confused with necrophilia at any cost). As an enthusiast, the official name is a taphophile. Can include epitaphs, gravestone rubbing, interest in the history of deaths.

Tape Art
This involves (wait for it) taking a cassette tape, like from the 1980s, pulling out all the magnetic tape from inside the casing, and using it to create a portrait of the featured artist. Only a few years old, already has a hip following, some very cool examples out there.

Javelin Catching
Highly dangerous, completely bonkers, is as it sounds. Do not try this at home!

Pooktre Art
A unique east coast art form from South East Queensland, Australia. We have our own two ozzies here at lime. Fortunately neither has shown a penchant for starting this up.

pooktre art